Thursday, 22 January 2015

Favourite Design - Day 22 of the January Nail Art Challenge

Hi Again,

Back for Day 22 and today's theme was favourite design.

I love chevron patterns so this one was pretty easy and of course involved my nail vinyls again.

Products Used:
Orly Bonder Basecoat
Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens
Essie Beyond Cozy
Hk Girl Topcoat
Clean up Brush

I started with 2 coats of  Royal Botanical Gardens on my pinkie, index and thumb and used Beyond Cozy for the other fingers. On my ring fingers I only did one coat of Beyond Cozy though and then 'topcoated' (this word needs to be added to the dictionary) to speed up the drying time before I applied my vinyls. 

I then went over my nail vinyls with a fairly heavy coat of  Royal Botanical Gardens and then a final coat of HK Girl. 

On my middle finger I placed two rhinestones while my topcoat was still wet and then went over with another coat of HK Girl. And that's it!! Sounds exhaustive but it really isnt.

I''m really pleased with how this mani came out. Isn't Royal Botanical Gardens a pretty colour!! This baby's new to my collection. I got it last week from Lucinda when we swapped for a bottle of the beloved HK Girl. I've always wanted to try Nails Inc but never got the chance so THANK YOU LUCINDA!!!

Hope you liked it.

Until next time...