Monday, 5 December 2016

A Rose Gold Comparison

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I'm back again with the rose gold review as promised. It's practically Christmas and the start of Christmas party season and all that so I think this comes at a fitting time. I've partnered up with Lucinda from Moden Makeup for this post and her review of the rose golds in her collection. We've probably got a few polishes in common but that's just a sign that you really need them in your life.

Over the past year or so I've managed to acquire a few rose gold polishes with my latest addition being the Orly I purchased yesterday. I started with Models Own Rose Chrome which was a devil in its own right but eventually grew on me and then Cirque released the Pièce de Résistance of their collection HALCYON and I lost my shit.

HALCYON (yes it deserves to be in caps and would be rose gold, sparkling and flashing if I was technically inclined) is the star of my collection, the best USD $13 plus shipping I ever spent and maybe my greatest achievement of my life. Yes, it's that good.

But back to business before I get too carried away.

Ok so first off...what the hell is rose gold. To me rose gold is what you get when pink and gold made a beautiful sparkly baby.

So let's get to it!! Below are the rose gold polishes in my collection.

Judging Point #1: Bottle Shot
At first glance, judging from what they looked like in the bottles, they all seemed rose gold in colour even though they were a range of different shades. There were also slight differences in the finishes. Models Own Chrome Rose comes in a completely opaque rose gold coloured bottled so that was left out of this judging stage.

Cirque Colors Halcyon

Cirque Colors Himalayan Pink

Orly Rage

Judging Point #2: Shade and Colour
When compared and swatched against each other Himalyan Pink, Rage and Chrome Rose were truer to the rose gold shade. Halcyon which I would've argued was a rose gold and was described as a rose gold by Cirque showed up a bit more copper beside the others. It was also the brightest of the bunch but that is most likely due to the finish. The pink base of Himalayan Pink appears to be a smidgin' darker than Rage but what really sets them apart is that Himalayan Pink features holographic glitter throughout while Rage has a silver sparkle. Chrome Rose with its molten metal finish is a similar shade as Himalayan Pink save the holographic glitter.




Judging Point #3: Pigmentation and Finish
The pigmentation on all these polishes was good. I did two coats in the swatches shown but you could get away with one coat for Halcyon and Himalayan Pink. I haven't done an actual mani with Rage yet so I'm unable to comment on that one. Chrome Rose's formula requires a bit of work and patience for application but she's worth it in the end.

Price and Availability
Orly Rage is sold at Imart and retails for $19.95. Feel free to revisit my older posts to find out where you can purchase the others.

Hopefully this is a good starting point for those on the hunt for a good rose gold polish. Head on over to Moden and see what Lucinda's got for you cuz she's got a wash pan of things.

Until next time...