Monday, 21 November 2016

Review: Cirque Colors Himalayan Pink (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Hi Hi!!!

Back with another review of another rose gold. This time it's Cirque's Himalayan Pink !!!

This beauty was gifted to me by Lucinda and while handing it over she declared that once I accepted it I simultaneously agreed to start blogging again. It took a while but I'm back at it.

When I first drafted this post Himalayan Pink was shimmering away on my nails. This polish did things to me. From opening the bottle to putting it on!!! It was soooo pretty.

Everybody knows I believe in a Cirque polish. I hate to spend my money on mediocrity and I dislike inconsistency so thank God for Cirque. Annie Pham knows this polish thing talllll 'cuz I've got a few Cirque and not once have they disappointed me.

This polish went on like butter. The formula was a wee bit thicker than usual but still superb. I did one coat as opposed to my usual two and it covered my nails perfectly. Whilst it's called Himalayan Pink it's actually a rose gold polish and just as much goodness as Halcyon. Cirque's website describes it as a "rose gold sterling foil holographic (made with superfine sterling silver pigment)".

It remind me a bit of Halcyon but the formulation is different. It's a limited edition polish which was released in the Speckled and Sparkled Collection. Himalayan Pink is currently out of stock and I'm not sure if it will be brought back.

Sometime in the  near future there will be a comparison of Himalayan Pink, Halcyon and Models Own Rose Chrome.

Lucindaaaaaa thank you for feeding the addiction and adding to my pretties.

Until next time...