Saturday, 6 December 2014

Vertical Half Moons

Polishes Used:
Revlon Parfumerie Wintermint

I also used my Teisom half moon nail vinyls and my Elf contour brush and # gel brush from the Bornpretty store for clean up.

I started out with two coats of Tudor City Teal and topped of with a coat of HK girl to set everything and speed up the drying. This polish has an amazing formula for the price. I got it from CVS on a trip to NYC a year ago and it was only 99cents ($1.98BDS). Its got a nice jelly formula and I used two coats so there was no VNL. I've never seen this polish sold in Barbados so I was sure to pick up a few more in NYC this year.

After this I tape off a section of my nails with my nail vinyls. Be sure to top coat with quick drying top coat or wait for your base colour to completely dry before placing your vinyls. If the base colour isn't fully dried the vinyl will most likely pull off the base colour when you remove it and ruin your mani.

After placing my vinyls I painted the section of the half moon I wanted with Revlon Parfumerie polish in Wintermint. Revlon Parfumerie in Wintermint is a mint green frosty polish with gold shimmer and the teeniest ocean blue glitter and some bigger glitters of the same colour. It smells like mint and the smell's not so strong its overpowering...just a nice fresh scent when your hand passes your face.  I got mine from Cave Shepherd for $16.99 BDS and I intend to pick up a few more but I'm waiting for the price to drop. They're also sold at IMart. 

Everything was topped off with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

Until next time!