Sunday, 28 February 2016

Review: Models Own Part 2

Hey guys!

I'm back with part two of the Models Own Review today. Clearly when I said in Part 1 that the other half was coming next wk I forgot a week was 7 days. Today I've got the last two I purchased back in September along with the last one which was gifted to me by my sister.

Sound Factory

This colour was the last one  my sister got me a while back. It was released as part of the Disco Pants Collection. It's a blue polish with blue flecks throughout...describing the shade of blue was a bit hard for some reason. The formula on this was a bit thin. I used two coats but my VNL was still visible so I'd suggest three for full coverage or maybe a thicker second coat. This shade is really pretty however it does stain badly so double up on base coat  and maybe use a white base or be prepared to buff for your life after you take it off. I wore this polish over three weeks ago and I'm still waiting for the staining to grow out.

PS. I haven't tried it but using a white base should reduce the number of coats needed and give a more even finish.

Lilac Icing

Lilac Icing is a gorgeous colour. It was released as part of the Icing Collection which featured a range of five pastel colours. This colour isn't a true lilac as you'll hopefully be able to see from the pictures, it's got a bit too much pink to be a lilac in my opinion but pretty nonetheless.

The formula on this was a bit thick so it was a one coater for me. I've got a slight fear that in a year or so I may need to pull out the thinners for this one or it'll be tricky to work with. The pigmentation is also amazing. Since I got it I've worn it a couple times and it makes for a great toe colour particularly for spring or summer if you live in a country where seasons Bim it's just always hot. It's actually on my toes right now.

This is one that I would definitely recommend you get if you're looking for something from the brand or in the colour range.

Northern Lights

This colour lives up to it's name perfectly.It's a pale pink microglitter with holographic microglitter littered throughout. For some reason it had a tendency to give off an almost champagne coloured effect on the nail and in certain lights. The holo glitter in this polish though is it!!!! I don't think there's another scattered holo amongst the babies with this crazy a holo effect.

I wore this as a full mani for old years but that was a crazy wkend and no nail pics were taken. If I do it again sometime I'll update this post but as you can imagine getting this polish off was a pain. Peel-off base coat I see you!

The glitters sit in a clear base so more than one coat will be needed. I'd say three if you're painting but I painted one coat and sponged the second and that covered the empty space really well. Any visible nail could'nt be seen cuz this polish was busy blinding me. The consistency was really good for a glitter, not goopy or anything.

That's it for the Models Own until I break my no-buy and I've been doing pretty good so far, not due at all to my own self control but the fact that car insurance and road tax about to be due.

I hope you enjoyed the last two posts.

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Monday, 15 February 2016

Review: Models Own Part 1

 Hi Guys!!

This post has also been sitting in draft for a while waiting patiently for me to complete it and to  make matters worst I lost all the pictures I initially took. *womp womp*.

Continuing on with the reviews today I've got the Models Own review for you. This post is a bit lengthy so I think I'll split it in two. Models Own is an English brand of nail polish with a huge range of colours and finishes so definitely worth your time to check out.

They're seven polishes I'm going to be reviewing in total and four of these polishes were gifted to me by my sister last year but I never got around to reviewing them.

Chrome Rose

Chrome Rose was one of 10 colours released as part of the Colour Chrome Collection last year. The collection featured chrome/liquid metal finishes. Models Own just released 5 new polishes in the line. Chrome Rose is the rose gold of the collection and while not on my wishlist by name I picked it up cuz I've been on the hunt for a nice rose gold polish.

So like I said it's a rose gold polish with a serious liquid metal effect. The formula was good and so was the pigmentation. Let me tell you though, this polish needs some work. I needed to give it a good shake before I applied it. I think because of the molten metal effect, whatever pigment they used just settles to the bottom. So heed that "Shake Well" label on the bottle. Application also took some work, it's brush-strokey as hell but again that's because of the finish so be sure to paint as straight as possible. I also realised there was some dragging as I did my first coat and ended up with a few patches of naked nail. My suggestion would be to apply this with as light a hand as possible and make sure your first coat is dry before applying the second. I used two coats in my swatches below. Another thing is, unless you've got perfectly smooth nails or you buff your nails smooth, you will without a doubt need a ridge filling base coat because this polish shows up every indentation in your nail.

Honestly, I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about this, initially it looked too copper and rusty almost but then it kind of grew on me and I ended up wearing it for a few days.

Blue Chrome

This is a nice icy blue, almost looks like a slightly blue tinged silver in some lighting to my eye. The formula on this was quite similar to that of Chrome Rose.  Same good shaking required, same drying time between coats etc if you've got or tried a great rose gold polish let me know in the comments below.

Red Lustre

This is a classic blue toned know that traditional ole faithful polish colour you pull out for a timeless look. This polish is one from the HyperGel line which boasts a gel like finish with no UV/LED light. The polish applied smoothly and evenly. I used two coats to be "politically correct" but could have gotten away with one. This polish also dried to an extremely glossy finish with no top coat. The line does carry it's own top coat which I didn't pick up because I personally didn't think it was necessary for me. I top coated with my ole faithful HK Girl.

Brunette Red

This is also from the HyperGel line and is a pretty burgundy colour. This formula is just as amazing as that of Red Lustre so I don't think there's much more to type. Also worth mentioning is that the drying time on this polish is AMAZINGGGGG! If you're looking for a quick drying one coater polish then these would be ideal.

Part two of the review comes next week and its got my favourite Models Own polishes so hopefully this one didn't bore you to death and I'll see you then.
Until next time...