Sunday, 10 January 2016

Review: Glam Polish

Hiya and Happy New Year to one and all!

I've been MIA again these last few months but now I'm back to continue with the reviews. Hopefully I can be a little more consistent this year. (P.S. That's not a resolution or anything.)

Once again though I will continue to try to purchase more indie brands and support the smaller companies this year. That being said I've got a gift card for Mozaic (the OPI store here in Barbados) that I fully intend to take advantage of. OPI Purple Palazzo Pants I see youuuuu!

Anywhosie, guess who got two more Glam Polish babies on her trip to England last year. Told ya Unforgettable Dream was the first but wouldn't be the last! Weeks before I left for England I was scouring the European stockists sites for polishes I wanted. Only two of the ones I got were on my wish list but they're both gorgeous.

So I got me Charmed and Are You Sea-rious? which was a relatively new release at the time and my fave of the two. I purchased these from Rainbow Connection, an English stockist for indie polishes.

So let's talk about them.


Charmed was released early in 2015 as part of the Cast A Spell Part 3: The White Witch Collection. It's a rosy mauve with varying sizes of holographic glitter and legit comes alive in sunlight. Seriously, this has joined my Cheer Me Up Collection, those polishes that keep you happy when work's not so great, the ones that break your concentration when you're driving or keep you entertained when you're stuck in traffic. Y'all know what I mean!

So this gorgeousness in a bottle applied pretty easily for me given all the glittery goodness inside. I used two coats because it didn't cover completely in one. The pigmentation was superb and the formula wasn't bad either. Make sure to give it a good shake so the glitters are evenly distributed. Because they're so many glitters in there you're gonna need a top coat to smooth it all out, otherwise it'll dry with a textured finish.

Are You Sea-rious?

Are You Sea-rious? was released as part of the Under The Sea Collection. When this baby hit Instagram I took a screenshot of every one I saw. Lemme tell you, I haven't wanted a polish this bad in long. This baby is everything I love. It's that perfect blue green that reminds you of the beach. It's got what looks like tiny turquoise glitters mixed in with the holo glitter. This thing comes alive on your nail. No lie, it made me think Accra beach, a Cuz Cutter and a coconut snocone with milk. Another one added to the Cheer Me Up Collection.

Ok so to the nitty gritty. Are You Sea-rious? is a gorgeous blue-green, aquamarine colour filled with holographic glitter and tiny turquoise glitter. The formula is amazing, goes on perfectly. This can be a one-coater if you do a heavy coat.

My only problem with these are the brushes, I'm not a fan of Glam Polish brushes but that's a small issue given the quality of what's in the bottle.

Because these polishes are so packed with glitter, make sure to give them a good shake just to get all the good stuff well mixed before you put it on your nails. Like I said earlier you may also need a coat or two of top coat to smooth it all out because the glitter makes them dry a bit textured.
FYI These polishes are all hand mixed in batches so the formulas may vary by batch. That being said they are amazing and worth every penny.

Glam Polish can be purchased directly from their site or from any of their stockists.

I hope you liked them and if you do decide to get them that they make you as happy as me.

Until next time...